UBS - Financial Services

New York, NY

Wealth Management, Multi-level

•   Office Space
•   Seminar Room
•   Reception
•   Pantries
•   Support Areas


Square Feet 100,000
Year Completed Ongoing
Architect Verderame | Cale architecture pllc

Scope of Work:

•   Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sprinkler, Fire Alarm Systems
•   Related Construction Administration work including Post-Occupancy services
•   Mechanical system for each floor comprised of perimeter induction units, constant volume system, and supplemental air conditioning unit for Telecommunication rooms
•   We designed the outdoor air ventilation system using an ERV (Energy Recover Ventilator) to meet the ventilation code requirement for the 120-seat (occupied) seminar room
•   We designed the indoor water-cooled modular chiller system consisting of chillers, pumps and a heat exchanger