Approach to Design

Understanding Client & Site

Each client presents a unique space and set of needs.

Applying over 30 years of experience to a project culminates in optimization of each site.

We deliver precise solutions through training, quality checks, and rigorous peer review.


With every project we strive to attain the following goals:

1.    Commit to the integrity of our work;
2.    Remain within budget while charging a fair fee;
3.    Apply our years of experience to every project;
4.    Streamline and manage for efficiency from concept through completion;
5.    Ensure personable service.

Each project may be unique, but all of our clients receive consistent, stellar service.


Quality Management

The chief engineer in each department reviews all design concepts, calculations and schematic drawings. Our engineer commissions the reports and/or drawings at the end of each phase, prior to distribution and provides independent recommendations, which include clarifications and/or suggestions for additional value engineering or energy efficiency opportunities.

Clifford Dias, PE, PC uses state of the art software to perform engineering calculations, drafting, and energy modeling. These include the latest AutoCAD and Revit programs. Licensed professional engineers review the results of the software and calculations and validate the answers.


Tracking Projects

Our strategy of tracking projects is built around clear project goal comprehension, effective coordination, and consistent monitoring during all phases of the project. In creating the master schedule, we allocate the time required for each task from coordination with the team members, and allow proper time for work that is normal required toward the end of the project, such as commissioning, punch list, etc. Our master schedule tends to include all tasks to eliminate any unforeseen challenges. It also incorporates sufficient timing to address comments from oversight agencies and to correct the deficiencies. The frequency of follow-ups depends on different phases of the project. Daily follow-ups/tracking are performed during construction on special work/long lead items.